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A short online account of Marie’s life can be found here.

Her defence of female preaching, and a preface she wrote for a published sermon of Calvin’s have been translated and published: M. Dentière (tr. M.B. McKinley), Epistle to Marguerite de Navarre; and, Preface to a sermon by John Calvin University of Chicago Press, 2004.

More extensive scholarly studies of her life and work include:

Doris Brodbeck (Hg.), Dem Schweigen entronnen. Religiöse Zeugnisse von Frauen des 16. bis 19 Jahrunderts, Religion und Kultur Verlag, 2006, S 304-312. 

Isabelle Graesslé, ‘Vie et légendes de Marie Dentière’, Bulletin du CPE 55/1 (2003), p. 3-22, followed by excerpts from the work of Marie Dentière.

K.I. Stjerna, Women and the Reformation Blackwell, 2009