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Chidley’s three published writings are available in a modern edition: Katharine Gillespie (ed.), Katherine Chidley Early Modern Englishwomen: A Facsimilie of Essential Works Series 2, Printed Writings, 1641-1700; Part 4, vol. 4 (Ashgate, 2009)

There is not, as far as I am aware, a book length treatment of Chidley’s life or thought. One article focuses on her, together with her husband and son: I. Gentles, ‘London Levellers in the English revolution: the Chidleys and their circle’, Journal of Ecclesiastical History, 29 (1978), 281–309

The following texts are also useful:

Katharine Gillespie, Domesticity and Dissent in the Seventeenth Century (Cambridge University Press, 2004)

Hilary Hinds, God’s Englishwomen: Seventeenth-Century Radical Sectarian Writing and Feminist Criticism (Manchester University Press, 1996)

Marcus Nevitt, Women and the Pamphlet Culture of Revolutionary England, 1640-1660 (Ashgate, 2006).