I don’t need or want any money – this site costs very little to run, and what it does cost I am happy to pay.

I do want this site to become huge, bursting with stories of wonderful godly women who were called and gifted to lead Christ’s Church. I want it to become attractive, with artwork and even video adorning and retelling the stories of these women. I want it to be authoritative, with good scholarly documentation for the claims made.

Simply, I want it to become such a powerful testimony to the way God has chosen, called, and gifted women through history to lead and to preach that no young woman exploring God’s call on her life need ever question whether others have walked the path before again.

To do this I need writers, artists, and scholars to help with content. If you would like to help in this way, please contact me at steve [at]

Even more, though, I need advocates and publicisers. I want this website to be known and seen, not just by the people who know these stories already, but by the teenager who senses a call to preach in a church which still denies the pulpit to women and so needs to discover these role models for herself.

So, if you believe in the vision enough to want to help, please do what you can to spread the news.