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St Catherine of Siena: advisor to popes and princes; doctor of the Church

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Catherine Benincasa was born to a noble family in the Italian town of Siena in 1347; she died just 33 years later in Rome; despite her youth, it is arguable that she was the most influential person in Italy – perhaps in Western Europe – in the years before her death. She gave advice to two popes and expected it to be followed; she instructed warring states to make peace; she preached and counselled many; her followers included Raimondo del Vigne, who became General of the Dominican order, and Stefano di Corrado Maconi, who was...

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St Samthann of Clonbroney

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Samthann was the adopted daughter of an Irish king, Cridan. Like so many of the female Irish saints was delivered from an arranged marriage by a miracle, and then devoted herself to serving God as a nun. She became abbess of the monastery at Clonbroney after its founder, St Fuinech, had a dream of a fiery form resembling Samthann consuming the monastery, which she interpreted to her sisters as follows: ‘Burning with the fire of the Holy Spirit, Samthann will make this place shimmer by virtue of her merits and in the splendour of...

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